Archived FAQ's of Pastor Jack:

What Does The Bible Mean By "Abundant life?"
What Does The Bible Say About Anger? When Is It All Right?
Does Astrology Have A Place In The Life Of A Christian?
Why Do We Need The Bible? What Is It?
Is The Devil Dead?
What Does God Think About Smoking?
What Does The Bible Say About Cremation?
Why We Object To "Trial By Criticism."
Did We Exist Before Conception?   What About Reincarnation?
What Does The Bible Say About Dancing In Worship?
Is It Okay For A Christian To Date A Non-Christian?
How Do We Know We Will Go To Heaven?
Will We Know Our Loved Ones In Heaven?
Where Do Christians Go When They Die?   What Is Meant When The Bible Refers To One That Is Dead As Being Asleep?
Who Is The Devil?
Under What Grounds Does God Allow Divorce Today?
Why Is It So Important To Forgive When We’ve Been Wronged?
Why Doesn’t God Just Make The World Right, Safe, Etc.,?  Why Is There Suffering?
What Does The Bible Mean By "In Everything Give Thanks?"
What Is Meant By "Desire The Best Gift?"
What Do The Sovereignty And Foreknowledge Of God Mean?
Can God Look Upon Sin?
Where Did God Come From?
What Is The Will Of God?
What Is The Gospel Of Christ
What Do You Believe About Tithes & Offerings?
Is Tithing Just An Old Testament Principle?
Is There A Hell?  If So, Why Did A LOVING God Create It?
Who Is The Holy Spirit?
What Do You Think About Hypnosis?
What About The Law & Grace?
What Does The Bible Say About Not Being Part Of A Church?
Who Is Jesus Talking About In Matthew 7:21-23, "Not Everyone Who Says To Me, 'Lord, Lord,' Shall Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven, But He Who Does The Will Of My Father In Heaven."
What Is Meant By 'Loving' Our Enemies?
What Does The Bible Say About 'Man'?
Is It Okay To Live Together Outside Of Wedlock?
What Does The Bible Say About Marrying Someone Who Is Not A Christian?
What Does The Bible Say About 'Mary,' The Mother Of Jesus?
Is Masturbation Wrong?
Is It Wrong To Seek Out Direction From The Dead Through A Medium?
Where Do Babies Go When They Die?
What Does The Bible Say About The Elderly And Old Age?
Will Christians Ever Be Perfect While Here On Earth?
What Is The Final Destiny Of Family Pets?
What About Predestination?
Is Prophesying For Today?
Why Does It Seem That Some Unbelievers Prosper, When Some Believers Don't?
"...The Effective Fervent Prayer Of A Righteous Man Avails Much."
God Doesn't Answer Our Prayers If We Ask "Amiss."
When Will Jesus Return?
Why Does God Call Christians To Reconcile?
What Do You Believe About Reincarnation?
What is Repentence? How Does It Apply To Christians And The Church?
What About Keeping "The Sabbath"?
Why Are Christians Sometimes Referred To As Saints?
Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?
Will Everyone Have An Opportunity to Receive Jesus?
Can We Earn Our Way To Heaven By Our Good Works?
Questions About God And Sex.
What Does The Bible Say About "Living Together" Out Of Wedlock?
What Do You Think About Santa Claus?
What Does The Bible Say About Our Pastors/"Shepherds"?
What Are The Pastor's Responsibilities If Someone Leaves Their Church?
When We Seek Forgiveness, Does God Remember Our Sin?
Is Being "Slain In The Spirit" Biblical?
Why Should We Sing As Part Of Our Regular Praise and Worship Of God?
Are The Working Of Miracles And Spiritual Gifts For Today?
Are We In A Spiritual Battle?
What Does The Bible Say About Husbands And Wives And Submission?
Why Is There Suffering In The World If We Have A Loving God?
How Do I Minister To Someone Who Is Suicidal?
What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos?
Are Christians To Pay Taxes To An Ungodly Government?
Why Do Christians Go Through Tribulations And Sometimes God Answers Seem Far Away?
What Does The Bible Say About The Trinity
Is Unity in Christ's Body Essential and Biblical?
Since The World Seems To Have Tainted Their Meanings, Should We As Believers Be Concerned About The Use Of The Words "Vessel" Or "Channel" In Reference To Us?
What Are We To Do With Visions We Believe We Receive From The Lord?
What Does God's Voice Sounds Like? Is It Biblical To Expect To Hear Him?
Is It Important That We Pray For Those In Authority Over Us, And Vote?
Is Jesus Really the Only Way to God?
What Does God Promise For Widows?
What Does The Bible Say About A Christian Woman Being Married To A Non-Believer?
Is Drinking Alcohol Wrong if You Are A Christian?
How Do We Receive Wisdom?
Five Steps in Leading Someone to Jesus.
What does the Bible Say About the Role of a Woman?
Does The Bible Direct Older Women to Guide and Train Younger Women?
Is Faith Without Works Dead?
Should I be Baptized Again If I Wasn't Totally Emersed the First Time?
Are There Apostles Today?
What Is Meant By "The Dead In Christ Will Rise First? What Happens To The Body?
What Does The Bible Say About Disciplining A Leader That Falls Into Sin?
Do Young Children Go To Heaven When They Die Even If They Have Not Received Jesus Christ As Their Savior?
What Does The Bible Mean By "Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen?"
What Does The Bible Say About Death And "Abraham's Bosom"?
What Does The Word "Amen" Mean?
What Is Meant By An "Apostate" Church?
What Does The Bible Say About How To Train Your Children?
What Does The Word "Christian" Mean?
What is "Spiritual Circumcision"?
What is Christian Science?
What is a demon?
What is doctrine?
What is "freedom" in the New Testament and how do you stay "free"?
What does the Bible mean by man being made in "...Our image..."?
Does idolatry influence us today?
Why does the Bible say to meditate on God's Word if meditation is bad?
What is the Millennium?
How do you keep the "peace of Christ"?
Are the 10 commandments valid for today?
Does God know us from the womb?
Do we need to be accountable to Christian leaders?
What does the Bible say about adultery?
What About Miracles?

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