Is being "slain in the Spirit" biblical?

Concerning being "slain in the spirit," there are no "direct" biblical references, but only some that "imply" it. I will list several of them for you:
  • Numbers 22:31
  • Ezekiel 1:28; 3:23
  • Matthew 28:4
  • John 18:6
  • Romans 8:17,18; 10:17
  • Acts 22:7
  • Revelation 1:17

As you look up these passages, pray and ask the Lord to confirm to your heart the truth of this. As in all things, there are some that take advantage--we've all heard of the evangelist "pushing" people over. But I am thankful that we have the Holy Spirit that witnesses to our spirit the truth of God. So if you are ever in a situation where someone is "slain in the spirit," just ask the Lord to witness to your spirit if this was really from God or not. He will.

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