You And Your Angels:


by Jack Hayford

Part I

Today there is an increasing interest in angels. I am not addressing the subject of angels because it is a current fad. However, I am addressing it because of my deep concern for people who miss God's intended purpose for their lives in their search for what they perceive as spiritual reality.

Angels are real beings, created by God. Good angels are intelligent beings commissioned by God in the interest of those who have opened to His saving grace. These angels are friends who speak a message that comes from God. And that message from God is intended to help us realize our destiny and His ultimate goal for us.

But there are other angels who are not our friends--they are our foes.

There is a vast difference between the true and faithful angels and the ones who are in the darkness and will lead you down a dark path. It is important for you to discern the difference, so you can relate to angels in a way that avoids becoming destructive to you.

It is my desire that people have truthful insights about angels; so they might experience the beauty of the real truth from God that blesses us and makes us fruitful. My heart aches for those who try to find the answer to the knotty web of their problems from a source that ultimately ends up bringing them confusion and destruction. I want to discuss how to avoid being tricked, trapped, and trampled by fallen angels.

God has not consigned us to superstition, magic signs, or "secret ways" to get in touch with Him. He has given us His Word, the Bible, as our ultimate "Source-book" to plainly reveal His heart and His ways. The Bible speaks with accuracy and practicality on many aspects of life--including angels.

It is important for us to study the Bible in order to get a clear perspective on angels--their reality, their history, their destiny, and the difference between the good and evil ones. Please note the following seven biblical facts about angels. I encourage you to study these facts and the Scripture references given with them. I believe a solid, biblical framework is essential for us as we begin our study on the fallen angels.


1. God Himself is the Creator of the angels, and as God, Christ is their Maker and Lord above all the angelic host (Genesis 2:1; Ephesians 3:9; Colossians 1:16).

2. Angels were created before and separate from humans. They were there at the creation of the earth and the present order of things (Job 38:1,4,7).

3. Angels were created with a free will and given supernatural strength and intelligence to serve God's will and purpose (Psalm 104:4; 103:20-21).

4. By reason of pride, a leading angel attempted to usurp God's throne. He was banished to earth with those angels who joined his rebellion (Isaiah 14:12-15; Revelation 12:3-4,9).

5. In their hate and defiance of God, these evil angels seek to deceive humans and subtly lead them away from God and His love shown to us in Jesus Christ (John 8:44; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15).

6. The fact that this rebellion and deception exists calls us to discernment and holy resistance (Ephesians 6:10-13).

7. Amid this conflict, God in His grace has assigned faithful angels to guard those humans who seek His ways (Psalm 34:7; Psalm 91:11-12; Hebrews 1:14).


There are a number of reasons why I believe there is such a resurgent interest in angels today.

First of all, many people are reacting to the materialistic values of society which have devalued their personhood. People have concluded, "I am not just a bundle of chemicals, and I am not just a person driven by animal energies. There's more to me than that: there's another part of me that is real and durable."

Our society has tried to play God by "removing" Him, but we are coming to recognize that there is more to life than that which can be seen. A person will say, "Well there must be something, but I've already said, ‘there is no God and I don't really want Him that much.’ Besides, who knows if He exists? So there must be something more. I sense these energies and dynamisms. How can I get in touch with something of the paranormal, the supernatural, or the other side, whatever there may be?"

In that human pursuit, "angels" come into play. And angels become subject to almost any definition! For example, for one person, an angel could be someone who helped finance a project of theirs. To another, an angel could be a "force" that seems to be on their side, or it could be a "power" referred to in a remarkable experience. For some people, an angel is a "being" they believe they have come in contact with, but don't know how to explain or relate to it.

Many people are involved in a quest for divine guidance. There is a secret cry for hope in their hearts. They say to themselves, "If there is another realm, a spiritual realm, how can I get in touch with it? What help can I find?"

Friend, that help is available, and it does come from the invisible realm. There is a living God who created us; He is wiser than all, more powerful than all, and has offered all of His resource and life to us. He wants to bless, lead, and direct us. And He's given us His handbook--the Bible--to say, "Here's the way it works!"

The Bible is not passť, and it really isn't heavy-handed. People often take a couple of verses out of context and get upset because it seems like there's only judgment, correction, and punishment in the Bible. They say, "Well, I can't handle a God who is like that." What they are really saying is: "I can't handle a me that doesn't want to live with being accountable to God, because I've done things that aren't worthy of being a creature of God. I want off the hook." And God says, "I'm holding you to it"; but He doesn't hold us to responsibility mercilessly. He says, "I want you to receive of My mercy, then align with My way." But we want to find our own way. We are so tempted and taunted in that direction that consequently we turn another way.

People are looking for some type of divine guidance, some help, some source of the supernatural. In their quest, there comes a vulnerability to angels--but not the good ones! (The idea that some angels are evil is contrary to what is commonly believed.)

We are not to seek out angels. The Bible says that we are to establish a relationship with God; and He will take care of appointing the angels to take care of us. Our business isn't to traffic in angels, but some people do. Once people start trafficking in angels, they don't recognize that (having departed from looking to the Lord) they are looking to man's way and wisdom. In reality, these people are trafficking in evil angels, deceiving angels . . . devils who have chosen to follow in the wake and the trail of the devil--the arch enemy of all that is God's purpose.

Many people have become entangled and lost in what is a global-wide struggle for human allegiance. God offers His love, which is why He doesn't stamp out everything evil. If He did people who are walking in their own way wouldn't have a chance to get back to Him. But evil persists and pursues; and, with passion, evil seduces and convinces a vast host of people to "do it your own way."

The Way Demon Angels Trick, Trap, and Trample copyright 1995 Jack W. Hayford. Published by Living Way Ministries, Van Nuys, CA 91405.

This article is adapted from SoundWord Tape #3947 . . . a copyrighted version of the series "You and Your Angels Part III: Angel Walk: WHICH Angels to Follow," copyright 1994 by Jack W. Hayford, Living Way Ministries, Van Nuys, California, 91405


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