Worthy Worship
By Pastor Hayford

I was astounded sometime back to learn that our English word “worship” has its root in the word worth.

It began to unfold in my understanding. Real worship of God isn’t the exercise of a religious ritual, it is the reflection of a proper value judgment formed by a man about God. I most honor the God who created me and the Lord Jesus who redeemed me, when I ascribe the right value to Him.

He’s worth my praise, adoration, and exaltation. How then do I make my worship “worthy”... substantial in quality?

The New Testament word “worthy” or “worth” occurs forty-one times in the form of the Greek term axios, which basically refers to “weight.” It related to a time when people did business with coins that were minted in the exact amount of the precious metal which the coin declared to be its value. To use our own history as an example, a twenty-dollar gold piece was minted of exactly twenty dollars worth of gold. Today our coins only represent a value, they do not comprise it.

In the world of Bible times, those coins used in repeated exchange were subject to wear. Just by passage from hand to hand the coin would diminish in its “worthiness.” Consequently, a handful of coins would be weighed to confirm their adequacy of value or to show their insufficiency. In other words, the face value imprinted on the coin was not necessarily a true statement of its worth. The scales told the difference.

How do you prepare for “worthy worship”? Thank God, there is a way!

Whatever insufficiency exists in me as a result of being passed from hand to hand, so to speak, like the coin worn by world-wear, He is able to redeem—to revaluate—by His forgiveness. He takes the coin drained of “worth” and mints it freshly by filling it with His Spirit. He brings a “weight of glory” that develops people of real substance.

Be reminded today...

Worship the Father. Rise above the ritualistic and rejoice in the real.

Praise the Son. His resurrection power raises us to His level of triumph.

Be filled with the Spirit. For that fullness brings weight to the life and a clear ring to the coin with your face on it.

"Brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which He consecrated for us..." Hebrews 10:19-20

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