By Jack W. Hayford

I believe it is God's will to heal and deliver the sick and the tormented, and that He has revealed the fullness of His healing purpose in His Son Jesus Christ. I believe it is in God's nature to work redemptively to heal by every possible means, inasmuch as His mercy and lovingkindness are ever open to provide grace for the relief of human need, pain, misery
and sin.

Because I believe this, I offer praise to the Creator who has made all things well, affirming that all sickness and pain is adverse to His will and desire for mankind, and has only come upon the race because of man's fallen estate, I declare thanksgiving to Him for the fact that, notwithstanding every effort of hell to steal, kill, and destroy all of mankind, compounded by human weakness and vulnerability to pain, sickness disease, deformity, and tragedy, the Father has appointed multiple havens of refuge from sickness and pain: through natural recuperative processes; through climate and diet; through the charitable efforts of mankind through hospitals, doctors, and medicine; and through the divine means of healing gifts distributed by the Holy Spirit and ministered in the Name of Jesus.

I believe in the power of Jesus Christ to heal the sick and afflicted and to break any bondage of satanic sort when His Name is invoked in any circumstance. I believe His power is as consistently available today as it was during His own earthly ministry, and that through His Cross He has provided the grounds for us to expect and receive healing and deliverance as surely as we may receive forgiveness and sanctification.

Because I believe this, I accept the ministry of healing as a part of the Lord Jesus Christ’s commission that the Church go to the whole world with the Gospel. I proclaim God's will and power to heal, and in Jesus' Name instruct that the prayer of faith be offered, that confession of sins be made unto deliverance, that elders anoint with oil, and that hands be laid on the sick that they may recover.

I believe in the power of God's Word and Spirit to sustain and supply health when those who believe walk simply and humbly before Him in faith. I believe the fruit of such faith will be manifest in love and patience, and so I correspondingly reject any system that begets lovelessness or induces guilt when a believer in Jesus does not seem to be able to receive physical healing or personal deliverance from sickness or any other torment.

Because I believe this, I withstand every evidence of pain, suffering, sickness, disease, bondage, or torment, convinced that the good fight of faith will prevail unto health. I am equally convinced that in any case where victory is not evidenced, that a victory of another order is being realized by the divine grace of Almighty God.

With such faith as this, I move in the ministry of prayer, faith, and healing, so that Jesus Christ is glorified and, in all circumstances, His Church is edified.

"Brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, by a new and living way, which He consecrated for us..." Hebrews 10:19-20

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